This is the home page of the honorary consul of hungary in manchester ( My role is to further trade, investment, culture and connectivity between hungary and northern england and this page will highlight news and initiatives. Please note that the manchester consulate is not at this time able to process passport, identity and other official papers. However, there is a full range of services available here, at the liverpool consulate. You can also click here for the london consulate and embassy.

healthy hungarians

My first "official" outing, as a guest of the magyar klub for a very well-attended dinner with some of northern england's magyar medical community, which turns out to be huge and to include senior doctors and consultants with a wide-variety of specialities, as well as south manchester hospital's chief executive. We have already identified healthcare as one of the key sectors with the greatest potential for trade and investment, so this was a welcome outing for the narrative which will hopefully hook some helpers.

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