This is the home page of the honorary consul of hungary in manchester ( My role is to further trade, investment, culture and connectivity between hungary and northern england and this page will highlight news and initiatives. Please note that the manchester consulate is not at this time able to process passport, identity and other official papers. However, there is a full range of services available here, at the liverpool consulate. You can also click here for the london consulate and embassy.

opening act

On 19 june 2014, the hungarian ambassador, peter szabadhegy, appointed me as hungary's newest honorary consul, making me somehow a member of the diplomatic corps and the proud owner of a foreign and commonwealth office card, a large brass plate, an impressive official stamp, a signed letter from the hungarian foreign minister and two enormous (hungarian and eu) flags. It also brought various duties, though in the main for me it is about trade and investment, both ways, and broader connectivity (see 20 june, hungary in manchester for more).

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