21 september, weekend in salalah

You won't know where it is, and nor did I until a month ago, but spent last weekend in oman's second city, salalalalalah as my younger calls it. It was pleasant. Known and quite popular across the gulf region (generally known as the gcc, but rather in abeyance since qatar was isolated), it has made inroads into europe too, with charters filling the rapidly-growing resort about 10 miles outside town. Said younger son mentioned oman to a random taxi driver in manchester who it turned out had been there. Spent most time in older town, which was already empty with schools back and the 3-month "khareef" season over, and so not only all local tourists but half the inhabitants have all left. I ate well, managed some good quality time with omanis, an hour's wander around the local market and a ride into the mountains, which as promised were rolling and green, though we never made it to the waterfalls that have maybe another fortnight before drying up. Spent the last night over at the resort, which was splendid and as good as anything in greece, italy or turkey, if not better. Lovely spa, service, pool, beach, jetty, food, cocktails and mood, lighting and subject for taking some great photos. Working very hard so best part of a week to write this up, but that day by the sea was a total break and time-off.